Phoenix is an ERC-20 utility token used to buy, sell, trade and access the most exclusive NFT content on the Phoenix Platform. Phoenix has an aggressive stakeholder centric tokenomics, fully locked liquidity and a well audited codebase. Phoenix will support a very precise buyback strategy to ensure fair growth and benefit holders!


Fully audited smart contract
NFT Auction Platform
Liquidity locked forever

Total Supply 500,000,000

  • Team: 5,000,000
    • Team tokens locked for 1 month

    15% tax on each transaction that will be used for aggressive marketing and buyback.

    Tokens that are bought back will be used for airdrops and giveaways on Telegram and Twitter.

    Phase 1


    • Launch Website (Done)
    • Uniswap Listing (Done)
    • Coinsniper, Coinlisting, Gemfinder listings (Done)
    • Etherscan - (Done)
    • Coinmarketcap - Applied
    • Coingecko - Applied

    Phase 2

    • Artist profile webpages (In progress)
    • NFT market place using $Phoenix tokens to buy/sell/trade NFTS (in progress)
    • NFT Minting platform (in progress)
    • NFT design and creating platform - (in concept)